41st Annual Nationals 

August 12 -14, 2022

National Trail Raceway, Columbus, Ohio
"Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the 1972 Model Year!"
Don't Miss It. Mark your calendar!
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2022 Nationals Event Info

Welcome to Mopar Heaven: There is no other show that offers the participant as well as the spectators three action packed days (and nights) of everything MOPAR. With 3000 cars that represent all eras of the Chrysler brands, featuring classics, muscle cars, the high-performance new models and AMC's for a one of a kind everything Mopar weekend.

41st Annual Nationals

You won't want to miss next year's Event! The 41st Annual Nats is proud to feature the tribute to the 1972 Model year cars. A special display of these vehicles will be parked together. Special editions and rare collectibles will also be featured. Drag Racing at the 41st Annual Nats always brings out some of the best and fastest iron that the Pentastar ever produced. Competition is fierce! From Max-Wedges, Hemi’s, small-blocks, big-blocks, the Gen II Hemi’s, turbofours and V-10's, Hellcats, Demons & Red Eyes.